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Friend, I Am Here For You

Rebecca Paxman

I am on here today to say that, friend, I am here for you. I know that majority of you have been a victim in some way. The amount of survivors that have come forward to me have been immensely humbling. Some have spoken out to their family and friends with me by their side about what they've gone through. Some have asked me to hold on to their trials as they are not quite ready or able to admit what they have gone through.  Both are okay.  Your story doesn't even need to be posted on the blog- as I don't do so without your permission and you can do so anonymously.  Life isn't easy and sometimes you just feel alone. 

If you just need to say, "Hey #metoo," and then end it there.
Friend, I am here for you. 
If you just need to vent to let out frustrations.
Friend, I am here for you. 
If you're depressed and need encouragement.
Friend, I am here for you.

Hearing your voice, makes my voice stronger. It opens up an opportunity to shed light on to an issue that is so often hidden or pushed aside. It makes me feel like I am not alone. It validates my business, and ensures that my career path is making an impact for the better.  It empowers others to hear they are not alone. Because none of us are alone. Friend, WE are here for you. 

With that being said, trauma affects everyone differently. And how I display it, isn't how majority of anyone would be dealing with it.  I came forward publicly because this is what I feel what is best for my life and healing process, and I want to help others heal too. This doesn't make me special or better or even different than you. And it definitely doesn't make you not normal.  It's okay if you aren't ready to tell anyone, or even admit it to yourself. Healing takes time and rushing it isn't going to help the process.  I am not even close to being completely healed, so I know how hard this is.

Friend, I am here for you when that time comes. 

Until then, friend, I am here for you for ANYTHING!

I love each and every one of you, and I mean that.


Becca and Havenly


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